The path to becoming a competent trader can be difficult, and everyone who attempts it encounters challenges during the journey. We founded Trading On The Mark in 2008 to help traders overcome some of those challenges and learn to trade profitably.


The world of market technical analysis includes a surprising number of back alleys and obscure avenues existing beyond the well-traveled areas you are likely to encounter in popular media. A small number of them lead to truly useful and practical methods of forecasting and finding trades. Tom Pizzuti has spent many years exploring the popular as well as the esoteric approaches to the discipline, and he brings the best of that knowledge to TOTM. His analysis is the basis for the articles we publish and the market alerts we provide to subscribers. He also guides the intraday discussion in the trading room.


Kurt Hulse serves as the principal writer for TOTM. Before working here, he managed data collection and statistical analysis projects in environmental science.

Our website was designed and developed by Eric Welin and Jiger Patel. Both of them have provided their valuable insights and talents as our range of services has grown.

Some of the long-time subscribers here were originally part of the online trading community called “Trading the Charts,” which was formed around 2004 by Dominick Mazza (online handle spwaver). His insights about market behavior and his willingness to act as a teacher inspired many of us to continue along the path toward becoming analysts and traders. We miss you Dom.

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