About Trading On The Mark

Staying on the right side of the market and making profits consistently is challenging, but it’s what we help our members do every day on time frames ranging from intraday to swing trading.

Full members have access to daily charts for trading the S&P e-mini, and they can participate in the trading room, where we provide real-time guidance on market conditions and entry and exit opportunities in the e-mini contracts for equities indices and currencies. Full members also can read and contribute to the extensive forums we maintain for specific markets and specific technical analysis methods.

Full members also have access to proprietary intraday and long-term Market Trend Indicator charts. The behavior of the color indicator and the two oscillators at the bottom of the chart are highly predictive of market moves on all timeframes. Currently, TOTM offers Market Trend Indicators for the following futures contracts on timeframes ranging from 5-minutes all the way up to weekly: e-mini S&P and Nasdaq-100, crude oil, gold, Euro, 30-year bonds, 10-year notes, soybeans, corn, wheat, cocoa, coffee, cotton and sugar.

TOTM’s technical approach is grounded in Elliott Wave and Gann techniques, while also making use of Fibonacci relationships in price and time, cycles analysis, and other more esoteric approaches. Many subscribers to the Full Membership area have several years or decades of trading experience, yet the website offers an environment where the dedicated intermediate-level trader can learn much that is not published in books or found in courses.

Join today and take advantage of our one-month introductory offer. Come prepared to listen and learn, and walk away at the end of each day with profits.

Trading On The Mark was established in 2008 to meet the needs of an online community of traders who have worked together since before 2005.

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