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Evolution of an Elliott wave count for gold

This article shows how we were able to refine our forecast throughout the year while also identifying good trades, even at times when the Elliott wave count was less certain. It concludes by showing a newly refined projection for gold into the end of the year.

Market Outlook: Don’t discard the tool that earns profits


Not long ago, while browsing a popular trading website, one of our analysts happened upon an article showing how stock markets might be approaching a top. This drew critics seemingly out of the woodwork. Judging by the tone of some of the responses, it was as if the author had described killer bees amassing on […]

Fortune favours the prepared trader – A good trade always starts yesterday

TdN chart 1

The quote “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” is attributed to many famous names including Benjamin Franklin and Henry Ford, and the truth of the statement has been recognized since even earlier times. For traders, approaching the market without the correct preparation is essentially preparing to fail, because it leaves them subject […]

Are these the swing trades you were looking for this week?

2011-03-10 mid-week update

You have probably already seen the charts showing the excellent guidance available for intraday trading at Trading da Numbas. (If not, see our recent publications here.) But what does TdN offer for swing-traders? Prior to the opening this week, we wrote that SPX needed to attract selling around 1,325 (and no higher than 1,327-1,329) for […]

What does good day-trading look like?

Week review 2011-01-21

What does good day-trading look like? Several traders have emailed us in recent weeks asking to see something that conveys a “track record” in our market analysis. That kind of thing is difficult to show. As you know, the window of opportunity in trading can be very brief, and one must seize the opportunity when […]

July through December 2010: Did directional bias affect your trading?

20101217 july-dec 2010 ESZ chart

The period between December expiry and the year end offered an opportunity to review your overall trading approach. The second half of 2010 presented a remarkable advancement in equities markets, and nearly the entire period was punctuated with opinions and forecasts saying the market couldn’t go much higher. Looking back, did you trade with a […]

Support levels and timing on Thursday morning

Seeing that ES had reached 1278, the first identified support level below pivot, we alerted members of a possible change in direction for the next intraday swing. The upward move from 1278 provided five ES points.