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Apple (AAPL) should head lower

Although Apple’s stock price has risen higher than we expected during the time since those charts were posted, our main price target area for the next stage of the decline is still in the range of $64 to $72.

Apple (AAPL) 2016-10-29

A case can be made for a corrective high having been made in Apple but need a little more decline for confirmation.

Apple (AAPL) 2016-10-25

The rise up from the low this year is getting long in the tooth but can extend a bit more before turning lower into next year.

Apple (AAPL) 2016-10-08

Apple may have a little higher left in it but may very well be putting the icing on the cake of a lower high to that of 2015.

Apple (AAPL) trying for a lower high

Our latest post at TraderPlanet shows our bearish forecast and target area for the next leg of the correction in AAPL. As a supplement to that article, the weekly chart shown below offers some fine-tuned resistance areas to watch in the near term.

AAPL preparing for next phase of decline?

During the three months since then, Apple’s stock price has spent more time beneath a trend line which must now be regarded as potential resistance. The move lower probably will start from near the present area. Continue reading at See It Market

Apple 2016-07-26

While it is possible that Apple has formed a corrective formation from the last swan dive lower, there is still room for it to bounce a little higher before attempting a serious press down.

Apple vs. gravity

The pending decline in shares of Apple Inc. (AAPL) could be almost as impressive as its meteoric rise from 2009. We’ve posted the latest forecast and monthly chart at See It Market. Also, on Friday we’re going to send out a weekly chart with nearer-term downward targets for AAPL. Anybody who’s on our alert list at that […]

Apple (AAPL) – 2016-04-30

That didn’t take long. Expect Apple to push under the 2015 low but may pause just under in the high 80’s before moving lower.

Apple monthly 2014-01-30

It appears we have completed retrace of the initial decline in Apple and should now be in the initial stage of a decline that takes price to at least just under the April lows of last year but more likely past that to the mid $200’s. There may be some hesitation around $470 that results […]