Category: Commodities

Copper futures 20170-08-12

I just can’t get excited about this move up in copper as being the start of a major break higher. Instead, I still see this as the calm before the storm.

Copper futures 2017-06-24

I’m skeptical that copper has found a lasting low but has yet to drop impulsively from resistance tested earlier this year.

Copper futures 2017-05-29

The copper bounce up from early 2016 has stalled out at the top of a channel and leaking lower for the past few months. I am working under the assumption that February 2017 is the end of a correction and now in the early stages of a decline to what will eventually be a new […]

Copper futures 2017-05-14

The 2016 bounce in copper ran into resistance from various channeling techniques early this year and has been drifting lower since. I remain skeptical that a significant low has be set in copper, this may be the early stages of a move down over the next couple years to a new low under that of […]

Copper futures 2017-01-21

Copper has yet to break the multi year down trend and thus not yet signaling a more bullish macro outlook.

Copper futures 2017-01-02

Copper has been in a persistent down trend since early 2011. While there has been a sharp rise in November of 2016, the down trend is still intact and therefore should be open to yet another low over then next year or two.

Copper futures 2016-11-29

Suggestions that Dr. Copper is forecasting a global economic recovery are premature in my opinion.

Copper futures 2016-10-02

When I last posted these charts, I mentioned that a small up move was due to potentially finish a wave (iv) triangle. That move is probably close to an end and ready to turn lower. A move lower in copper may end up leading the global equity markets lower into next year.

Copper futures 2016-09-10

Copper has been stuck in a range this year and may have just a bit more time in it before breaking lower. Dr. Copper expects a weak global economy into next year.