Category: Currencies

Dollar Index 2017-05-17

The Dollar has been dropping but think it is too soon to declare the dollar rally up from the 2016 low to be over.

Watching for a short in the Yen

The modest rally in the Yen that we predicted in our February post has advanced nicely. Now price is approaching the area we have been watching for a downward turn.

Dollar Index 2017-04-17

The dollar is continuing lower in the short term as expected. The reaction to the next support zone should help clarify which of the short term patterns is active.

Dollar Index 2017-04-17

The dollar advance is certainly losing momentum but should rise into the end of the year. The question is how will that advance form and is still an open question.

Dollar Index and Dollar ETF (UUP) 2017-03-18

The dollar certainly can use a rest but think it unlikely the rise from 2016 is complete. There are two forms a consolidation can take, one being a triangle keeping the dollar in a relatively tight range for a couple months, and secondly, a deeper retracement that keeps the overall trend intact with a wave […]