Category: Market Analysis

The Day Ahead 2016-05-04

Today is a pretty news heavy day. ADP, which was a miss, plus ISM numbers at 9:45 and 10:00, and finishing up with the EIA crude number at 10:30. My first impression is that the ADP miss will be seen as a positive because traders will assume it means that the Fed will not be […]

The Day Ahead 2016-05-03

The S&P 500 futures fell overnight from a place that keeps bearish hope alive for a low under that of last week. Crude oil also behaving well for ursine market participants.

The Day Ahead 2016-04-29

The equity market is finally correcting and should have a bit of follow-through. Crude is putting stress on the idea of turning down again but also think that is connected to the USD not having a low set yet.

The Day Ahead 2016-04-28

Last night the Nikkei threw a temper tantrum when Kuroda didn’t hand out goodies which bled over into the S&P 500 futures such that we will start the day with a gap lower. I’d like to see a bit lower before a bounce attempt.

The Day Ahead 2016-04-25

Prefer the S&P 500 (SPX) drop 20-30 points over the next couple days ahead of the FOMC Wednesday afternoon.

The Day Ahead 2016-04-20

S&P 500 probably pushes past 2100 today but think it can be short lived. Crude should pick up speed lower after the EIA report if the bear is back. Continue to think that the DX is trying to base before a move up into late this year.

The Day Ahead 2016-04-19

The S&P 500 held where it had to yesterday and rallied the rest of the day. Expecting that to bleed a bit into today but think it stalls in the morning. Crude is bouncing from the post Doha drop but think the down move will resume.

The Day Ahead 2016-04-18

The OPEC meeting was a bust for anything that would actually curtail production thus crude is down taking the S&P 500 futures with it.