Category: Market Analysis

The Day Ahead 2016-08-26

The market will be focused on comments out of Jackson Hole today. Yellen is scheduled to speak at 10:00 am EDT.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-25

Difficult to imagine that the market is going to make a break, either up or down, prior to Yellen’s speech tomorrow.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-24

The summer trading pattern continues with the US equity markets choppy with an upward bias. I see know reason to think that it does not continue until at least Friday when Yellen gives a speech. Another event to look for is the next NFP which is on September 2nd.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-23

Equity future are trading up overnight which is in line with expectations of a modest rise in the equity markets. Crude slightly lower which is also on track with forecast. DX is stabilizing after falling lower much of this month.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-22

Very slow economic news day to start the week with. People should start returning from their summer holidays this week preparing kids for school. Traders will not be fully returned with their head in the game till after September 6th.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-19

Equity futures are down a modest amount overnight. That can run into the early morning trade today but expect support to be found an the market to hold up into next week.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-18

Continue to look up in the S&P 500 (SPX) as they should challenge the round number, 2200, before being vulnerable to a retrace.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-17

Probably a pretty sedate day until the FOMC minutes at 14:00. Perhaps some volatility creeps in with the crude inventory number at 10:30.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-16

S&P 500 continues to inch closer to the next big round number of 2200. Prefer the market not lose much ground today and continue to attempt to test 2200 or a bit more.

The Day Ahead 2016-08-15

This month has held thus far to the usual summer trading pattern with relatively sedate equity markets.