Category: Market Analysis

The Day Ahead 2015-11-25

The options for the S&P 500 remain the same,either topping out nearby, my top view, or going on to make a new high just in front of the FOMC meeting next month.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-24

The driver today has moved to the geopolitical front. Turkey shooting down a Russian jet is a serious escalation of the Syrian conflict.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-18

The FOMC minutes at 14:00 Eastern is the main event of the day. Expect a choppy advance in the morning and pause for the news. If the minutes sound hawkish, market will probably turn soft for the rest of the day.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-17

The SPX did in fact find a low early, right off the close, and rose for the rest of the day. As it has moved past the .382 retrace of the prior swing, we have to assume a bit higher today before settling in a consolidation waiting for the FOMC minutes tomorrow.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-16

The S&P 500 (SPX) was weak into the close on Friday and the futures opened lower on Sunday evenings. Since today is relatively light news day, expecting to see consolidation day.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-13

Nice satisfying trend day down yesterday. Next up is probably a consolidation for most of the day today.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-11

Yesterday played out according to plan by finding support near the prior day’s low early and rallying the rest of the day. Expect a drift higher today on light volume.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-10

The expected action for yesterday played out at an accelerated rate, mostly in globex, thus selling early as opposed to later in the day. While lower later in the week and even next is desirable, it is best to allow for a day or two to consolidate what has happened thus far which also matches […]

The Day Ahead 2015-11-05

Yesterday cooperated by falling a bit, helped by Yellen comments that they may raise rates in December, but have to expect the market to hold or even maker a modest new high today.