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Bulletin: Look for these forex trends to continue in 2017

Starting as early as December and looking at the next two years, there should be numerous setups for traders to engage with trending moves in currencies. This edition of our newsletter highlights just a few that we’re watching, and of course you can keep up with the opportunities at our website.

Newsletter: Metals might offer the most favorable longer-term trades this year and next

If you are finding it difficult to locate value trades in 2016, you are not alone. The current state of markets is creating a difficult environment even for experienced traders, and conditions are especially hard for people who don’t have time to monitor their charts on a daily or hourly basis.

The remedies for this difficulty are twofold – (1) be especially selective in choosing markets that are likely to present trending conditions and (2) wait patiently for entries until the traded issue is sufficiently undervalued. It may be easier to say those things than to do them, but this edition of our newsletter shows some specific ways you can implement that approach this year.

Newsletter: Equity markets can be tricky but rewarding for bears this year

With stock indices showing signs of trending downward, it is important for traders to be especially mindful of the pitfalls of trading in a bear market. For the remainder of 2016 and possibly longer, we expect volatility in to be greater than normal, which means that successful trading will require careful placement of entries and stops.