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Bradley siderograph for spring, summer 2016

We have been watching the nearby Bradley date of March 11 as possible timing for a high in equities. That still may turn out to be the case, but it is also possible that the market might wait until after next week’s FOMC announcement (March 16) before choosing a direction for spring. Looking ahead, there will […]

Updated Bradley siderograph

Here’s an update of the chart looking into summer 2015. Upcoming inflection dates include April 24, May 5 and May 21.

On Fibonacci

Why do Fibonacci relationships work? A question for mathematicians, artists, and those in between…

Bradley timing model for early 2015

The Bradley siderograph corresponded very well with market turns in the later part of 2014. In particular, the inflections on October 16 and December 26 were remarkably close to the actual price low and high. Looking ahead…

Bradley timing model for late 2014

The inflections of the Bradley Siderograph on July 16, August 8, and September 22 proved to be especially significant. Here are the next dates to watch.

Bradley timing model for 2014 to-date


Since our last post about this topic in February, the Bradley Siderograph has continued to work fairly well for predicting turns in equity indices. The chart below includes a projection into August 2014.

Bradley model review for 2014 thus far


The Bradley model is picking turns much better this year than last. A potential window for a turn is upon us now. The window is a few days wide, because the inflection on the graph is wide. The next turn is March 21st. Remember, if the Bradley chart works at all, it merely shows times when […]

Bradley Siderograph for 2014

The Bradley timing model is something that traders who are open to methods just outside the box should keep one eye on.

December tapir?

What’s all this talk about a December tapir? 😉 – Kurt