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Gold futures 2017-02-11

Note: Fixed typo on weekly alternate chart Gold has been performed well from the low late last year but should be due for a stall or retrace that should span three to five weeks. I am including charts, both monthly and weekly, that cover the two scenarios in gold that I favor, in some ways […]

GLD should rally for several months

It was late August when we suggested that See It Market readers should watch for a pullback in gold prices. In subsequent months, shares in the SPDR Gold Trust (NYSEARCA:GLD) retraced more than 75% of the gains they had made since 2015.

Gold futures: the decline may be over

It was the first week of August last year when we suggested to readers here that gold had probably reached the end of the rally that had buoyed it since the start of 2016. Soon after our post, futures began a decline that retraced about 75% of the whole rally.

Gold futures 2016-12-03

The end of the year has been a good time to look for lows in gold for the last several years and this year is not different.

Silver futures 2016-12-03

Silver may be putting in a significant low that results in a rise to the middle 20’s next year.

Gold futures 2016-09-22

I think it best to allow a deeper retrace up in gold if not a test of the high in July before turning lower.

Gold futures 2016-09-18

Gold may have a small bounce but should be headed lower into the end of the year.

Gold fund GLD should see a correction

Since we last wrote about the SPDR Gold ETF (symbol GLD) in March, the Elliott wave pattern has come into focus. Gold price targets for the wave higher have been met and a move lower (or price correction) may be in process.