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Watching for a short in the Yen

The modest rally in the Yen that we predicted in our February post has advanced nicely. Now price is approaching the area we have been watching for a downward turn.

GLD should rally for several months

It was late August when we suggested that See It Market readers should watch for a pullback in gold prices. In subsequent months, shares in the SPDR Gold Trust (NYSEARCA:GLD) retraced more than 75% of the gains they had made since 2015.

British Pound: The decline might pause for a few months

If you have been trading the decline in the British Pound, it may be time to take profits. We have been monitoring an expected five-wave structure down from the 2014 high in futures prices, and an important support level at 1.2120 appears to be holding.

FXB: Expect bounce in British Pound ETF

The British Pound appears to be following the script we described in our July post and refined in our October post. The next phase of the Elliott wave pattern should take the form of a bounce or an upward/sideways consolidation, and other technical tools show how far upward that pattern might reach.