Bradley Siderograph 2014

The Bradley timing model is something that traders that are open to methods just outside the box should keep one eye on. It isn’t perfect, nothing is, but works better then I would have expected when I first came upon it and the main reason I started looking into market esoterica. I have yet to hear a fully satisfying theory as to why planetary positions would have anything to do with markets. The leading contender to my mind is that planetary position causes fluctuations in the energy output from the sun and the electromagnetic fluctuation affects human psychology. There is some evidence for the later part of this chain of causation but a huge hole at the start. Like I said, no satisfying theory.

Main point to know about this graph is the inflection points are the only thing that matters. Ignore the direction and magnitude of change in the graph itself.

Bradley Siderograph for 2014

Bradley Siderograph for 2014

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