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Russell 2000 – some important resistance and support

Every Trader and Investor Should be Watching the Dollar


A wide set of markets currently seem to be at a cusp, and the direction they go from here might require investors to take a radically different approach to protecting their wealth. Currencies, and particularly the U.S. Dollar, may become much more attractive to hold, while speculation in stocks and many commodities may turn risky […]

Apple to consolidate decline


Apple is bouncing from support that we have alerted our subscribers to for many weeks.  Potential initial targets for the bounce are listed on the chart (460, 508, and 545) but corrections are notoriously difficult to forecast.  We suspect that a touch of the lower main channel will be resist but where that is in price is […]

Calculating when to cash in on copper


Last December, we presented the bearish scenario we were forecasting for copper. A few months later, when prices seemed on the verge of breaking downward out of their consolidation range, we posted an update confirming that the market was behaving as expected, and offering some preliminary price targets. We mention the previous articles here, because […]

Gold needs a lower low before it can really bounce


The short-term bearish path that we forecast on March 1 as the most likely scenario for gold appears to be playing out. However, that does not mean we think the decline will extend a great deal farther. In fact, the majority of the decline is probably already over. There might still be a trade to […]

Bradley Siderograph for 2013


The Bradley timing model has not had much influence on the stock market to this point as you can see in the chart below.  The black heavy line is the Dow up to April 19th 2013 plotted with the Bradley siderograph as a blue dotted line.  The most important things to pay attention to when […]

Euro Stoxx Falling Away From Resistance


In the second part of a series this month, we examine how major stock indices globally are behaving during a time when U.S. indices are showing signs of exhaustion. In the previous post we identified resistance areas and a possible turning point in the Global Dow Index (INDEXJS:GDOW). Now we turn to regional indexes, beginning […]

How Are Global Stock Indices Faring? Part 1: Global Dow


Elsewhere, we have noted that the major United States stock indices variously show signs of topping and exhaustion. Are there regional stock markets outside the U.S. that are likely to hold up better? This month, we present a series of articles examining some of the most-watched equity indices globally, and we apply the combination of […]

Apple Is Testing Support and Probably Trying To Bounce


In late January, we mentioned that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) appeared to be finishing the first portion of its downward correction from the November 2012 high, and we showed why price should try to find support in the region between 405 and 445. Last week, Apple found support just above the ideal 415 level, and it is […]

Copper Inching Toward Confirmation of Bearish Scenario


In December, we presented a bearish scenario for copper based on classic Elliot wave analysis. Also, because copper is a bellwether for economic activity generally, we suggested that lower prices for copper might forecast a slowing of the global economy and a decline in stock markets. That outcome would be consistent with our view that […]