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Bank indices nearing targets


The bank indices we’ve been watching are approaching target areas.

Silver may lead gold to lower lows

00_gold and silver

Recent price signals in silver should put gold traders on alert to watch for a surprise near a support area that many traders are probably watching.

Nasdaq 100 has overcome resistance, but…


Can we promise it will fall from here or nearby? No, but we still maintain it’s dangerous to be long.

Interesting area in the Dow


Tom discovered this fork several years ago. Perhaps it will make itself felt again soon.

Yen trade looking good


An update on the Yen short trade we’ve been following for several months.

Intraday recap, Wednesday Nov. 20


We captured a bit more than 11 points throughout the day with three fairly easy, conservative trades.

Expanding on previous Bonds posts — more about timing


We anticipate near-term strength in currencies along with weakness in equity and bonds, but we still expect bonds to find support before too long.

Dollar index trying to find support


This has implications for currencies, commodities, and (notably) stock indices.

Major indices this week


S&P futures had a strong reaction to the round-number 1800 level yesterday morning.

A fresh look at gold


A couple of weeks ago Tom, our main analyst, decided to take a fresh look at gold. That has led us to consider a new long-term pattern as our primary scenario.