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S&P 500 presents some interesting signals on several timeframes


We are seeing a significant exhaustion signal on the monthly timeframe for SPX. The proprietary “nine-five” indicator (part of Wave59 charting software) has placed an important signal that the move probably is reaching (has reached?) a peak.

Gold update — adjusting our timing expectations a little


With gold, our forecast remains basically the same. However, we have made some changes to the projected timing.

Update in equities, using the Dow as example


These charts for the Dow give a pretty good picture of what we’re expecting during coming days and weeks in all of the equity indices.

There may be a trade nearby in copper


While we don’t think the big trade is nearly finished, there may be another opportunity to get onboard somewhere near the present area.

Bonds may be approaching support


Bonds are nearing an area of support on the monthly chart. Will an eventual bounce from that area coincide with a stronger slide in equities? We’re not certain equities can hold out that long, but the possibility is intriguing. We trace a likely path for bonds in coming days, weeks, and months.

Here’s a swing-trade idea for the Yen


The yen may be forming a 4th wave triangle on the weekly timeframe. If so, then the final wave ‘e’ of the triangle doesn’t seem to be complete. A possible path is drawn on the chart below.

One of our tricks: use the Dow and OEX to identify setups in other indices


Many traders who rely on technical analysis have a “pet index” that they watch to gain insights about what the larger market is doing. Since we spend a lot of time charting the major stock indices, we actually have two indices that we turn to frequently.

Apple is starting to look interesting


Apple has been in the news recently with the Carl Icahn tweet. Now is a good time to get out of Apple shares if you have been long the bounce.

Gold bulls and gold bears can profit… if they know their trading timeframe


Good trades will cover far more price movement than a long-term investor can ever hope to see. However, it’s crucial to keep one’s trading practices consistent with the timeframe. This week, we offer some examples of why that is so, using the current gold market as a case study.

Stock index follow-up: Russell 2000, plus an update on the Dow


This is a follow-up to Tuesday’s post that forecast some potential short signals in several stock indices. In the previous post, we addressed the Nasdaq 100, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and the New York Stock Exchange composite index. Below, we cover the Russell 2000, and we give an update on the Dow.