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Silver has probably made its low

We believe silver put in a fairly durable low at the end of November, and we are now looking for confirmation that price will climb in a move that should last through much of 2015.

On Fibonacci

Why do Fibonacci relationships work? A question for mathematicians, artists, and those in between…

Trader insights, Wednesday Jan. 14

The Euro is getting a marginal bounce from the support area we identified last week, but…

S&P 500 30 minute 2015-01-13

The market broke over important resist for the immediate bearish case early this morning but that does not necessarily mean that the bear is ready to return to the den. Form for a 3-3-5 type correction up from January 6th will be satisfied with one marginal push up from the consolidation that is forming now.

Trader insights, Tuesday Jan. 13

Update: Right out of the opening bell, SPX raced above the resistance area we had identified. That puts the [i]-[ii]-(i)-(ii) count under strain. However, before we get even slightly bullish…

Trader insights, Monday Jan. 12

Here are brief updates for U.S. stock indices and precious metals. We are expecting to see continued declines in the S&P 500 into mid-February. Initial confirmation of that forecast will come if…

The bigger picture for the Euro and the Dollar

Following our post yesterday at See It Market showing our forecast for the Euro and the Dollar Index, we have prepared updated charts that show the bigger picture stretching into 2016 and beyond.

Our latest post about the Euro is at See It Market


We’re very excited to begin publishing some of our analysis at See It Market. Here are some excerpts from today’s post about the Euro:

Trader insights, Wednesday Jan. 7

In our primary scenario, we’re watching for a sizable 2nd-wave bounce from near the area of Tuesday’s low of 1992.44 or perhaps a bit lower.

NDX support, Phi levels

Those “Phi levels” that Tom/Phi uses so often on the intraday charts also work on higher time frames. Yesterday, the NASDAQ 100 decline stopped very close to…