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Decision Time For The German DAX

With the Greece negotiations lurching toward a conclusion, the next few days may provide a key insight into the market’s next big move. Here we present the technical case for our main bearish scenario for the German DAX stock market as well as an alternate bullish one. If the German DAX turns downward next week, […]

Two paths forward for gold

We still believe gold prices probably will climb for a few more months, but we are reassessing the risk of that trade.

A fresh post about bond ETFs is up at See It Market

Just as treasury yields are testing our first resistance target, the ETF is testing our first support area near 117.18 to 119.97. Follow this link to read more!

The next move in bonds has big implications

Moves in treasury yields and bond prices appear to be nearing completion, making this month a candidate for reversals in both.

NASDAQ and Russell present warning signs for equity bulls

Both indices appear poised for a decisive downward move at the same time suggests that the next few weeks may be especially risky for bullish equity traders more generally. Each index is presenting its own version of a reversal pattern, and the sequence in which they are doing so matches what has happened before prior corrections.

Russell best candidate to make lower high

Here we present a close-up study of the chart pattern that makes the Russell one of the best candidates for having a completed topping pattern.

Treasury yields on a bumpy ride to the bottom

There soon may be a moderate-risk opportunity for traders to seek higher bond prices. More importantly, the market probably will offer a window in late 2015 or early 2016 for long-term investors to position themselves to benefit from rising interest rates and a real trend change in bond prices.

Silver should continue its choppy advance

Our analysis suggests the metal will continue to chart higher into summer. Here we offer some price targets to watch for the commodity itself and also for the iShares Silver Trust ETF (symbol SLV).

Gold poised to rally into summer

This update follows our earlier posts in which we wrote that traders should expect precious metals to rally in a corrective pattern starting late last year. That forecast appears still to be on track. Here we offer some price targets to watch for gold and also for the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (symbol GLD).

Updated Bradley siderograph

Here’s an update of the chart looking into summer 2015. Upcoming inflection dates include April 24, May 5 and May 21.