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The BANK Index can be your market sentinel

Elliott wave analysis of intermarket divergences sometimes can provide additional information about timing the turns. There is important divergence now.

More than a correction in the NASDAQ 100?

The NASDAQ 100 Index (NDX) offers an example an index that may have already put in a top, and it is presently forming a pattern that is consistent with the start of a downward trend.

Russell 2000 Index might have a completed pattern

Among the U.S stock market indices, the Russell 2000 offers one of the clearest examples of an index that may be on the verge of a major reversal.

A trader’s advantage in silver

Traders often overlook the additional forecasting power that comes from applying technical methods simultaneously to both the commodity and the currency that is used to value it.

A window on upcoming currency trades

Our latest post at See It Market shows where you can catch the next multi-week trades in the Euro and the U.S. Dollar via the FXE and UUP exchange-traded funds.

Another major European index shows topping pattern

Although we see potential reversal signals in most of the equity indices we follow, we find some of the clearest signs in the Euro Stoxx 50 Index. Several different analytical tools identify the present area as one to watch.

German DAX might lead in the next big trend

If the rally in the DAX is complete, as it appears to be, then the premier German stock index might lead other indices in rolling over from their own completed highs or lower highs.

Silver preparing to rally into the 20s

Silver is pushing against the upper boundary of the price channel on the monthly chart. With a breakout, we expect silver futures to reach targets in the 20s.

Look for gold rally to resume

The rally in precious metals should last until at least the middle of 2015, even though the advance is expected to be corrective. This article presents newly calculated targets for gold.

Natural Gas (via UNG) 2015-02-11

Nat gas has been difficult over the last couple months but still think energy traders should be trying to establish small positions for the possibility of a major low.