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The Day Ahead 2017-06-13

Today the S&P 500 should open just under resist. I suspect we see the SPX push a bit higher before attempting to move lower. Still think most markets are constrained till tomorrow afternoon.

The Day Ahead 2017-06-12

Friday was an odd day. The S&P 500 almost made it to 2447 after which it started to be dragged down by the FANG meltdown. The problem is that outside the tech high flyers, the rest of the market was holding if not positive. I still think the overall market is stuck until Wednesday afternoon. […]

US Treasury 30 year yield (TYX) 2017-06-11

Since we have the FOMC later this week, this seems an appropriate time to post these charts. Net, they are sitting on support and have a shot at testing 29.93 quickly with more after that.

Dollar Index 2017-06-11

The dollar has been dropping from the start of this year. Does that mark the dollar high? I think not but do think that the advance is slowing and therefore not expecting dramatic gains.

Trading the next move in treasuries

The choppy rise from the turn of the year appears to have been corrective, in this case meaning that it should be treated as a retracement.

Bears should resume watching this Italy ETF

Price starting to test the area that could prompt a breakout from the decade-long converging range.

The Day Ahead 2017-06-09

Now we wait for the middle of next week for the FOMC meeting. In the intervening few trading days, think it best to assume the US equity markets continue the choppy action with an upward bias.

The Day Ahead 2017-06-08

The US equity market has been trapped for the last few days and I don’t see a good reason to expect much else except a mild bullish bias until next week.

Euro futures 2017-06-08

Just as I am skeptical that the US dollar has made the high, I think the Euro is near resistance that can take it back down.

The Day Ahead 2017-06-07

The equity indices are still relatively resilient and thus am forced to have a mild bullish bias but would not be shocked if they stayed net sideways into tomorrow.