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Trader insights, Wednesday Jan. 7

In our primary scenario, we’re watching for a sizable 2nd-wave bounce from near the area of Tuesday’s low of 1992.44 or perhaps a bit lower.

NDX support, Phi levels

Those “Phi levels” that Tom/Phi uses so often on the intraday charts also work on higher time frames. Yesterday, the NASDAQ 100 decline stopped very close to…

Bradley timing model for early 2015

The Bradley siderograph corresponded very well with market turns in the later part of 2014. In particular, the inflections on October 16 and December 26 were remarkably close to the actual price low and high. Looking ahead…

Trader insights – Wednesday, Dec. 10

At present, we believe the top probably has been put in for the S&P 500 and related indices… In terms of a change in market direction, the picture looks similar in the FTSE 100 Index.

Trader insights – Friday, Dec. 5

The German DAX appears to have climbed out of a fourth wave from October. This is a candidate area to watch for a top, but the structure of the developing wave [v] could be seen as yet incomplete.

Trader insights – Wednesday, Dec. 3

…In the bigger picture, the S&P Midcap 400 appears to be forming a top, and it should be getting ready to correct the move up from 2011…

Trader insights – Monday, Dec. 1

We may have seen THE low in silver last night.

Australian Dollar still producing good trades

The next opportunity to watch for is a possible bounce from support. However, traders will have to watch price action closely to be sure of catching a good entry. Readers can also view a chart showing a similar development in the Euro.

Expect a bounce in crude oil

Even though the technical picture isn’t completely clear, all of our major scenarios suggest a rally for several months.

Evolution of an Elliott wave count for gold

This article shows how we were able to refine our forecast throughout the year while also identifying good trades, even at times when the Elliott wave count was less certain. It concludes by showing a newly refined projection for gold into the end of the year.