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Copper futures 2016-11-29

Suggestions that Dr. Copper is forecasting a global economic recovery are premature in my opinion.

The Day Ahead 2016-11-28

Slow day on the economic calendar today. Dow and SPX are quite close to the next target range. Might see an opportunity for at least a retracement today but will be patient.

Bulletin: Look for these forex trends to continue in 2017

Starting as early as December and looking at the next two years, there should be numerous setups for traders to engage with trending moves in currencies. This edition of our newsletter highlights just a few that we’re watching, and of course you can keep up with the opportunities at our website.

The Day Ahead post Thanksgiving edition 2016-11-25

Hope those in the US enjoyed time with friends and family yesterday. Today has an early close, 1:00 PM ET, and will be very thin as most will take today off.

The Day Ahead 2016-11-23

Last full trading day of the week in the US today. Normally would think today would be relatively dull but the FOMC minutes at 14:00 may shake things up.

The Day Ahead 2016-11-22

The market hesitated at the August high yesterday in the morning but climbed past to hug 2196 SPX much of the day. The round number at 2200 is the next natural attractor.

Dollar Index 2016-11-21

The dollar index has been moving ahead surpassing the highs from 2015. It should have a positive bias for much of next year.

Crude Oil 2016-11-21

Crude is being bid up on optimism over the OPEC meeting next week. Favor the rise as a corrective which will resume the trend lower later this year and into next year.

The Day Ahead 2016-11-21

The US equity indices continue to hold up and I have been talking about SPX needing to find a way to 2200 for a couple of months but think this is much closer to an ending than a beginning, especially since there have been calls for SPX 2500 now.

US 30 Year Bond futures 2016-11-21

I’ve had a request to update the bigger picture bond charts and I’m happy to oblige. Bonds are behaving as they should if they have made a significant high as I have been talking about most of this year. Only thing that is surprising is the speed over the last month and in retrospect shouldn’t […]