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Russell best candidate to make lower high

Here we present a close-up study of the chart pattern that makes the Russell one of the best candidates for having a completed topping pattern.

Treasury yields on a bumpy ride to the bottom

There soon may be a moderate-risk opportunity for traders to seek higher bond prices. More importantly, the market probably will offer a window in late 2015 or early 2016 for long-term investors to position themselves to benefit from rising interest rates and a real trend change in bond prices.

Silver should continue its choppy advance

Our analysis suggests the metal will continue to chart higher into summer. Here we offer some price targets to watch for the commodity itself and also for the iShares Silver Trust ETF (symbol SLV).

Gold poised to rally into summer

This update follows our earlier posts in which we wrote that traders should expect precious metals to rally in a corrective pattern starting late last year. That forecast appears still to be on track. Here we offer some price targets to watch for gold and also for the SPDR Gold Shares ETF (symbol GLD).

Updated Bradley siderograph

Here’s an update of the chart looking into summer 2015. Upcoming inflection dates include April 24, May 5 and May 21.

NYSE Stock Index possible ending pattern

If the correction in October of last year was a fourth wave, then the requirements for a diagonal ending pattern have now been met. While it isn’t a certainty that the top is in, this chart suggests it may be very close.

Expecting a corrective rise in the Euro

Share price for the Guggenheim Investments Currency Shares Euro ETF (symbol FXE) bounced for several weeks from near the our first support level at 103.56. The next question is whether price can form a higher low soon.

The BANK Index can be your market sentinel

Elliott wave analysis of intermarket divergences sometimes can provide additional information about timing the turns. There is important divergence now.

More than a correction in the NASDAQ 100?

The NASDAQ 100 Index (NDX) offers an example an index that may have already put in a top, and it is presently forming a pattern that is consistent with the start of a downward trend.

Russell 2000 Index might have a completed pattern

Among the U.S stock market indices, the Russell 2000 offers one of the clearest examples of an index that may be on the verge of a major reversal.