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Stock indices bearish but lack confirmation

October may turn out to be a difficult month for traders in U.S. equity indices. Here are some things to watch.

Trader insights – Friday, Oct. 3

Major U.S. indices are starting to break through supports. First, consider the weekly chart for the Russell 2000, which appears to be the weakest among the indices…

Trader insights – Tuesday, Sept. 30

The Russell 2000 and the S&P 400 Midcap index sometimes give indications of where the larger market is preparing to go. If there’s real sentiment behind a developing move in the more well-known indices, then it often is reflected first in the Russell and Midcap. We are seeing that development intraday today, as both of those indices appear fairly bearish.

Can gold follow silver to new lows?

Both metals should decline for several weeks

Trader insights – Thursday, Sept. 25

The market climbed higher than we expected on Wednesday, but the upward move still appears to be a corrective retrace.

Trader insights – Wednesday, Sept. 24

Hold onto your hats!

Trader insights – Tuesday, Sept. 23

We are trading based on the assumption that the SPX high was put in last week, and thus the strategy now is to sell from retraces. Thus, for example, we will be watching the 38.2% and 61.8% retracement levels near 1998.70 and 2006.60 respectively. In addition, if price breaks below this morning’s SPX low near […]

Silver futures

Do not see a reason to change the forecast as of yet. Continue to look lower into at least …

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