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Crude Oil 2017-04-17

Crude will be rolling into June tomorrow thus advance my chart to the June contract. The dominant daily cycle should be peaking over the next few days which along with the contract roll may be putting in an ‘a’ wave high.

Dow intraday update

I include an intraday chart of one of the equity indices, usually SPX, in the morning day ahead post but am putting it here as a separate post as the best way to bring it to your attention. I had previously stated in the day ahead post that I just add more charts to it […]

The Day Ahead 2017-04-17

I’ve decided to look at the Dow today in an effort to search for clarity in the equity indices.

Dollar Index 2017-04-17

The dollar advance is certainly losing momentum but should rise into the end of the year. The question is how will that advance form and is still an open question.

DAX futures 2017-04-14

I’ve changed my large scale thinking on the DAX. Originally, was counting up an impulse from a possible large triangle that had wave ‘e’ of the triangle at the low of 2011. That had a nice converging look to it but problems with the internal counts of the triangle. Now setting a corrective low at […]

The Day Ahead 2017-04-13

The very short term certainly has a bearish look but I don’t see how I can take the possibility for a sharp rise off the table yet.

The Day Ahead 2017-04-12

I have been reluctant to become bearish but instead been interested in finding places to buy and that worked out yesterday but that low is about as low as they can afford to let this drop or they stand to have a 50+ point air pocket.

The Day Ahead 2017-04-11

The SPX had made an attempt to break up out of the range but failed yesterday. I still favor a bullish outcome to a break out of the range but my confidence is waning the longer it takes.

The contrarian Italy forecast is working

Now that price is testing the first major resistance area, it’s time to reassess the trade.

The Day Ahead 2017-04-10

The two main ideas for the S&P 500 are still active. Either rising to an eventual new high over that of early March in what should be the penultimate high or the penultimate was made in March and now rising in the middle section of a corrective formation.