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If you have some experience trading futures or options and would like to make profits more consistently, then we encourage you to try TOTM’s service for a month for just $30. That gives you unlimited access to forums containing a library of charts for equities, commodities, and currencies, as well as the intraday trading room. See for yourself how expert analysis makes entry and exit opportunities stand out.

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In a typical week, we provide analysis for commodities, stock indices, metals, bonds, and some currencies. This analysis is similar to what can be found in the premium blog service, but it covers more markets, more frequently. We also provide chart updates for S&P 500 futures (symbol ES) and related markets on a daily basis, or even more frequently. Daily ES charts are discussed in the chatroom, along with running commentary about intraday and larger moves.

Just click the Sign Up button, and select the one-month trial membership option to gain access. Once your payment is completed, you’ll have instant access. With the trial period, there’s no automatic renewal. You will only be billed once.

The $30 trial membership is offered to new subscribers, as well as former members who have been away for more than one year.

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During the first few days of your trial membership, we strongly encourage you to come into the chat room to get a sense of how we present market information. The chat room is also a great place to ask questions of the analysts and other traders. There is more information available at this website than most people realize, and we want to help you find the parts that are useful to you.

We also encourage you to check your private messages on the website to stay in touch with the moderators.

This page describes our full membership service. If you are simply interested in the premium blog subscription, click here.