Adding charts to this post as they are completed. Post complete.

Bonds are dipping under support at 142^27 which may signal the start of a wave ‘b’ lower.

Crude is on plan moving up from 50.75 to just under 53.00 this morning. 53.00 should only be a speed bump on the way to around 55.23.

Euro finally trying to rise up and make a run to punch over 1.1437. First step is to push over 1.1366 today or tomorrow morning on the ECB press conference.

Gold is sluggish but I still am reluctant to call wave (iv) complete.

For the last couple days in SPX, just when it looks like the Sleigh Bell Express is cleared for takeoff, it gets grounded. It should be cleared for takeoff if prices can punch over 2678. If over 2664, push for the high from yesterday and 2678. If under 2664, see if they firm up at 2655 or 2649.