Bonds rose again today and are putting stress on the idea of a lower high to the January 8th spike high. If it were to pop up over the aforesaid high, I’m more inclined to either treat it as a [II] or perhaps ‘b’ as the low so far still strikes me as too shallow for wave (b).

Crude did poke under 57.77 but did not accelerate thus treating it as a poke and reverse which should result in a modest bounce to test 59.45 once over 58.43.

DX fell back to test 97.11 as expected today. Now prefer this hold for a day or two to coincide with the next cycle inflection then push up over 97.58 into the end the end of the month.

Euro almost bounced up to 1.1212 today and fell back to prior resist of 1.1190. There was a chance to fade intraday but it was lackluster so I think it best to either allow for it to try to test 1.1212 again or maybe just mark time before trying to fade.

Gold bounced today as expected into the range for a shallow retrace. It might be best to allow another day or two of consolidation in this area before making an attempt to drop under the moving averages.

Still think SPX is near a retrace but I can’t rule out a further probing of the 3300 area tomorrow.