Bonds still trapped in the range they have been in just over a week between 182^11 and 180^02. Favor an eventual poke above this but hasn’t been in a hurry to do so.

Crude came through with moving higher today though it didn’t break above the April 23rd high yet. I think it will press ahead to at least 21.96 over the next several days.

DX did what it needs to do today which is hold above the 99.60 to 99.34 support zone. Next step is to make it through the ECB news Thursday morning without losing ground. Ideal dominant daily cycle turns up next week.

Favor Euro swinging lower but hugging first resist at 1.0877. Best that prices hold under 1.0926 for the immediate bearish forecast.

Gold held above the 1705.20 support and daily averages again today. Resist levels to hold the bounce at 1727.40 and 1741.35.

SPX came through with moving higher today but I do think it is getting late in the game. Prefer higher over the next two or three days then begin to retrace the advance from the March low.