Bonds bounced today to just under the number for bulls to beat at 179^09. I think there is still a chance that 177^10 or 175^30 could be tested in the next three or four days as long as bonds don’t establish a base above 179^09.

Crude in the same position as yesterday, as long as it is above 30.89 there is a chance to extend a bit more to test 33.86 but late in the advance.

Mild bias to lower in DX for another day or two while under 99.77.

So far resist at 1.0992 is trying to hold but bears need for that to persist for another day or two and force the Euro back under 1.0884.

Not looking very good for the bearish case in gold at the moment. While gold did start off lower today, it could not drop under the support at 1725.90. Now bears have to make a stand at 1767.70 or probably retreat above 1800.

SPX pretty much stayed on plan today being in a choppy range most of the day. I think that might run through most of Wednesday as well before making a run up for just over the next round number.