Bonds slowing down under 180^14 but I think they can climb as long as they hold above 179^12.

Crude extending higher this morning and is now poking over next resist at 34.35. I think a bull needs to be very careful here and should be using this move up to lock in some profits. Sure, can continue and try to test 35.08 but very late in the game. Note the 9-5 study has a gold 4, one short of an ideal signal marking exhaustion.

It looks like aggressive bears in the Euro are trying to press down from 1.1002 and see if they can break support at 1.0953. A cautious trader would wait to see if 1.0953 fails before proposing that the wave [II] high is set.

Gold bears doing a good job this morning by pressing down through 1738.20. Aim for 1709.10 at a minimum. I expect the lower targets to eventually be tested.