Bonds stayed on track today by rising up through the daily moving averages. Next step is to stretch for 178^03.

Crude is being stubborn about setting a [B] of ii high but I’m sticking with that form. Best that resist at 39.95 hold and price drop under 38.47 for first confirmation that [C] of ii down is underway.

DX is at the same spot it was in yesterday, still at the decision point. Well, closer to the decision point since DX did advance to test the resist at 97.59. Either breaks up over 97.59 in the early stages of wave iii up or drops to at least retest the June low.

Euro leaked under 1.1238 today but not exactly a convincing break lower yet.

Gold is still stuck vibrating around the daily moving averages. I don’t have a strong opinion either way here.

Pretty small range in the S&P 500 today. It dropped a bit to lean on 3105 but needs to do better to kick off ‘c of ii’ down.