Bonds had a bit more of a stutter than I expected today but held where it needed, 169^05, and recovered 169^19. Best that they base here and build energy to push for 171^04 or 171^30.

The rejection of 53.31 today in crude has me thinking that bulls are out of gas and thus think that prices are about to drop out of the range. Under 52.13 opens the door to dropping toward 51.00 or 50.07.

DX was held back by 90.86 today but it is still trying to break over. The dominant cycle is well positioned to help it break through and push for 91.44 or higher over the next two weeks.

Pretty much same story in Euro as in DX but the reverse. Euro is trying to drop out of a nearly two week consolidation. Bears need under 1.2118 and push through support at 1.2067 which should enable several days of trending lower.

Gold may have put in the little [B] wave low and ready to advance in [C] of ii. Thinking a relatively shallow [C], say the moving averages, around 1866.00, or 1878.65.

Could the wave (B) high be set in SPX? I was holding open the door to a little higher till late in the day. At this point certainly looks that it is ready to break lower with a bit of force. Under 3747 should open the door to at least 3694 and more likely 3656 or 3642.