The Day Ahead: PM Edition 2019-08-07

Pretty impressive rise and fall in bonds today. It should be at least a wave [III] of v of (c) of [ii] high though if you squint you could call it all of wave [ii]. For now, expect a retrace to 161^19 or 160^10. If prices drop under 160^10, will work under the assumption wave [ii] was set.

The Day Ahead: PM Edition 2019-08-06

Bonds continued their advance today to reach for the next Gann resistance at 162^08. Note that there is a projected cycle high tomorrow and the Lomb Periodogram also forecasts a high in this area. Also, the 9-5 study is one bar off from an ideal exhaustion signal tomorrow. Should I give up on the lower high wave [II] idea given that we are only about three handles short of a new high? I’m sticking with the ending diagonal count that has served me for many years until wrong, and even then will see it as an ending diagonal that grew. From a practical perspective it doesn’t matter much since I doubt there is a truly good fade till September at the earliest the way bonds have been behaving for the last five days.