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A scheduling note

I have been gifted with the stomach flu starting yesterday evening. The gastrointestinal distress, vomiting, looks to be past but still have a mild fever and not anywhere close to 100% today. As a result, expect posting activity to be light and what there is somewhat tardy. Please forgive the inconvenience. -Tom aka phi

A note to subscribers regarding access

If you are a subscriber to one of our services — daily analysis or intraday — and you are having difficulty logging in, please contact us at . We’ll fix things right away.

Login problems?

If you are a subscriber and are having problems logging in with your account, please send us a note at It can usually be fixed quickly if you let us know.

New site design


We are updating the website design this week. If you encounter anything that doesn’t seem to be working correctly, please contact us at

Friday and weekend schedule


Just a reminder that phi will be away on Friday. We expect trading to be light, as it’s the day before the long holiday weekend. Also, we hope to implement some upgrades to the website over the weekend, so there probably won’t be any new market-related posts until shortly before the markets open again on […]

Help us choose our next book cover

thumbnails for poll

Our forecast for Q2 markets is almost ready to publish at the Amazon Kindle store! Please help us choose the cover image from these four candidates.

How to connect to Saturday’s webinar


Our first webinar is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 21 starting at 10:00 AM eastern U.S. time. It is open to all subscribers. Instructions for connecting to the webinar are shown below. This week’s webinar will mainly be a question-and-answer session. Participants can bring up topics related to what the markets are doing, how to interpret […]

Webinar for subscribers on Saturday, Sept. 21


We will host a question-and-answer webinar on Saturday, Sept. 21, starting at 10:00 AM eastern U.S. time. All subscribers are invited to join in. The discussion will probably last about 45-60 minutes. We’ll post the details about how to connect to the webinar here on the evening beforehand. Between now and then, please feel free […]