Key large and mid cap Brazilian stocks have seen a steep decline in recent weeks, but we caution against becoming too immediately bearish in that market. There may be a near-term trade for a bounce before the next shorting opportunity comes along.

The iShares MSCI Brazil Index ETF (NYSE Arca: EWZ) tracks 53 companies that together represent about 85% of the entire Brazilian equity market. In form, the journey from the 2008 index high to its 2016 low counts as impulsive-corrective-impulsive, making it a candidate for a large-scale corrective pattern that is probably complete.

The climb up from the 2016 low also appears impulsive, which allows for the possibility that it represents the start of a much larger rally. The recent decline would then represent the first part of the first corrective move in that larger rally.

This puts us currently in the “middle” of a pattern, which suggests that available trades may be of short duration. Last week EWZ tested Gann-related support at 31.37. That might be sufficient to put a floor beneath sub-wave (a) of a correction, but the form would look better with another minor low – possibly a test of the next Gann support at 29.12.

If EWZ finds interim support for a bounce, then bearish traders should begin watching typical resistance levels where sub-wave (b) might end and the next declining sub-wave (c) could begin. Current Fibonacci resistance based on last week’s low is at 35.16 and 37.62, but those levels would change if price makes another near-term low. As long as EWZ remains beneath 35.16 and/or 37.62, it would be risky to say the bounce has commenced.

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