The Day Ahead: PM Edition 2019-10-10

Bonds broke under the daily moving averages today and thus following the forecast for a ‘c of (b)’ lower. Next minor support is at 161^16 but not a place to expect ‘c’ to end. The earliest place to look for the end of ‘c of (b)’ is 159^17 though lower is typical. Assuming that the cycle in red is active but inverted, we should expect net lower till mid November.

The Day Ahead: PM Edition 2019-10-08

Bonds had dropped under 164^14 but recovered it late in the day. I’m saying that is a minor positive for higher to test 165^19 but I can’t be excited about higher as I still think the ‘b’ wave high is near.

The Day Ahead: PM Edition 2019-10-07

The ‘[C] of b’ high may be set in bonds though confirmation is still lower under 162^26 and the daily moving averages. Interesting that the Lomb is forecasting a cycle high when the dominant cycles are at an inflection point which may mean the cycles are inverting and that we may get a drop into next month.