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The Day Ahead 2015-11-24

The driver today has moved to the geopolitical front. Turkey shooting down a Russian jet is a serious escalation of the Syrian conflict.

Crude Oil futures 2015-11-23

Still maintain crude is attempting to make a higher low to the August low and embark on a drive higher.

Dollar Index 2015-11-23

I remain skeptical that the Dollar is breaking up now though bullish the dollar in the long run. The consolidation from March still seems too small in comparison to the July 2012 to May 2014 correction to be all of wave (iv).

The Day Ahead 2015-11-23

The primary premise is that the S&P 500 (SPX) is topping out, the only question being now or after a modest new high.

S&P 500 monthly 2015-11-23

The main theme is that the S&P 500 (SPX) is topping out either as a lower high or a new, minor high, at this inflection in the long term cycle.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-20

The plan for today is for SPX to creep higher out of the consolidation from yesterday.

Dollar Index 2015-11-19

Promising first step with a doji at the daily and weekly resit followed by a down bar. Need a bit more follow through lower for Dollar bulls to sound the horn for a retreat.

The Day Ahead 2015-11-19

The market decided to rally from the FOMC minutes as opposed to fall, thus adjusting my wave count to allow for new highs in SPX next month.

Waiting, watching for silver to bounce

Silver futures have been testing a key Gann-related support area for almost a year while tracing a narrowing range. We chart the pattern and show what a bounce might look like in our latest post at TraderPlanet

The Day Ahead 2015-11-18

The FOMC minutes at 14:00 Eastern is the main event of the day. Expect a choppy advance in the morning and pause for the news. If the minutes sound hawkish, market will probably turn soft for the rest of the day.