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TdN caught the morning high on ES

This morning in the chat room, we noted that a new ES high at 1274.50 coincided with a zero-test on the advance/decline index. This alerted us to a potential shorting opportunity. The market then produced a rapid decline of eight points.

Art of catching turns, Part II: the inflection points.


One reason many traders struggle is because they attempt to enter trades based on their own whims and ‘hunches’, which are derived from emotional factors rather than rigorous technical analysis. Our recent article emphasized how, even as contrarians, Trading da Numbas (TdN) focuses on following the trend until there are signs of exhaustion, sentiment extremes, […]

The Art of Following Trends and Catching Turns


One common error many traders make is to fight the trend, thinking that by doing so they are being clever contrarians. This tendency is even more pronounced among those who are learning – but have not yet mastered — the Elliott Wave methodology. A little knowledge can indeed be a dangerous thing for those misapplying […]

Finding good trades in a tricky market

Although the indexes are reaching areas of potential resistance, we noted at the end of Monday that we did not yet see an ending Elliott Wave pattern in the S&P. Instead, we were looking for a pullback to an area of previous support, to be followed by a higher high. This made for a nice […]

TdN was prepared for Wednesday’s short squeeze

Wednesday gave us a massive move upward in the equities indexes – a move that Trading da Numbers (TdN) members were prepared for well in advance. After noting on Tuesday that S&P / ES prices failed to make a lower low, and after seeing a potentially bullish Elliott Wave count based on reactions to our […]

June 17 — Early shorts got burned, but not us

The price action in the e-mini SP500 futures on June 16 began to selloff after the cash close. We at Trading da Numbas warned our membership to not get too excited about this and wait till today. This turned out to be good advice as any early short was likely to get stopped out in […]

Monday July 12th

Early morning had the Dow push into a 61.8% retracement of June 21st high to July 2nd low. This resulted in some brief selling that was unable to break a support range in the ES (E-mini SP500 futures) that was carved out in globex trade 1065.50. At the time of this post, 1:45pm eastern, indexes […]

Some good moves in equities and commodities

qm-15 1730

This morning, the S&P opened nearly unchanged from yesterday, and price promptly rose to test the important pivot level of 1114, whereupon it was rejected soundly. It then underwent consolidation through the morning and lunch hour before breaking through the important 1105 level. As with other days, loss of support resulted in acceleration downward. Subsequent […]

Were you taking profits or covering after the “crash” of October 1?

Chart of TdN's EW count and key levels going into the following week

This brief article shows how our take on the market’s action during the previous week allowed us to protect subscribers at Trading da Numbas (TdN) from acting on bearish sentiment which proved to be incorrect. On October 1, ES presented a steady downtrend through the day, closing at 1027.25, nearly 22 points below the open. […]